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Oh No..Not another New Years Resolution!

Oh yes, it was bound to happen. 2019 exploded upon us. I am thankful that I am here to talk about it but smirking as I sit and think about last year's somewhat failed resolutions. There were so many wins and of course, some failed attempts. I follow the adage "you either win or you learn". 2018 won't define me. Hanging from my rearview mirror is a placard inscribed with the words...Don't look back, you are not going that way. So onward and upward. I am sure that I will reflect on 2018 as a learning process but I am ready to walk into the sun, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

I actually love new beginnings. My word for the year is Congruent. I am throwing this out into the universe that I will strive to live a congruent life. That means aligning my work beliefs with my personal ones. As I told my girlfriends at our yearly pre-Christmas soirée, why is that I am promptly at work every day, overly prepared for new work occurrences well in advance and am laser-focused on my professional goals but I just can't seem to stick to a food plan if my life depended on it or even drink 6 glasses of water a day or lastly walk into the gym every day and stay there long enough to sweat.

So short and sweet.....Congruent. One word with a lot of kick behind it. Here is a new concentration so that I can be all that I want to be. Thanks for being my witnesses. Cheers to 2019.